Onsite Food Safety Training and Certification

Food safety manager certification is mandatory in most states. Smart companies know that the most economical way to train multiple staffers is on-site.

Today, with changing state laws many food business owners are compelled to exceed states minimum requirements for food safety training. Businesses find that bringing food safety training on-site, at their request, ensures their compliance is worry free.

What is on-site food safety training? If you have ten or more employees, then on-site food safety training is the perfect solution. It's affordable, and most if not all of your current employees are certified at once.

Consider on-site training if:

  • you need to train ten or more people at once;
  • you're looking for an alternative to sending employees off-site for food safety training;
  • you want a weekend or class held when your restaurant or facility is closed.

We take the hassle out of sending your employees off-site for food safety training and loosing valuable company time. You let us know where and when and we take care of the rest.

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